When I was a little girl I worried about being liked. I cared what people thought, but not as much as I did as I grew older. I went through a phase where I cared about first impressions, others evaluations. what they thought, what they said, and what they believed about me. I thought othersContinue reading “THE NEW STORY”

VISIBLE INVISIBILITY She was sitting in the corner and I never even saw her until she coughed and then I saw her and noticed her beauty. The last thing to discover water would be a fish, Confucious said because it is so pervasive that it is invisible. What keeps us from seeing what we see whenContinue reading “VISIBLE INVISIBILITY”

HELP WHIP CANCER This is Help Whip Cancer month with Pampered Chef. However, when you are married to someone who is a cancer survivor, every month is about cancer prevention and education. When Zoe was going through chemotherapy, finding foods she would eat was the biggest challenge. Everything to her tasted like cardboard. It was so hardContinue reading “HELP WHIP CANCER”


I generally tell those I journey with that I can tell a lot about their lives by the state of their apartment. Esther de Waal said something similar in her book The Way of Simplicity. She wrote, “An old monastic saying goes that you can tell how a man prays by the way in whichContinue reading “MORE THAN A ROUTINE”


So it has been a complete week now of vegan eating and unlike my previous times of eating vegetarian, we have found ourselves going through some changes I was not anticipating. Yes, menu planning is taking more time as I realize how much of our previous meal plan was meat, cheese and egg dependent. IContinue reading “VEGAN JOURNEY – WEEK TWO”


There is a Buddhist story I love and would like to share with you this week. It is, as the title suggests, about a group of six blind men and an elephant. Whenever I think about practicing vision, this story reminds me how our vision is shaped by the perspective we are. It limits andContinue reading “THE BLIND AND THE ELEPHANT”