I had a few choices for products starting with J this week, but had to go with the Jar Opener. I don’t know about anyone else, but there are way too many times in my life when I have had trouble opening the lid on the jar. It doesn’t matter if I have opened itContinue reading “J IS FOR JAR OPENER”


We all know that the end of this month is Thanksgiving, but how many of you know that this month is National Peanut Butter Month. So this week I am paying homage to Peanut Butter. I love peanut butter for a few reasons. One being that it has taught me some amazing life lessons. AContinue reading “NATIONAL PEANUT BUTTER MONTH”

What’s in your bucket?

  This morning a colleague of mine, Kitty Wolfsong, and I were having a conversation about hearing and receiving messages. I shared with her a story that I had heard Louse Hay tell about how different people can tell the same story, and you will hear it differently from each person depending on how theyContinue reading “What’s in your bucket?”

P is for Pomegranates

  I know I was supposed to write about a Q thing this week, but I had an epiphany the other day while taking a 15-minute break and found myself in a quandary over whether to pay attention to my new P inspiration, my Q inspiration or write about both my P and my Q.Continue reading “P is for Pomegranates”


When I saw this picture it brought me back to a conversation we had last night with Jack Stephens, author or Soul Self: How to Tame Your Mind, Uncover Your Blueprint and Live Your Soul Purpose. We were talking about how we are all on our own journeys and how we are all at differentContinue reading “Remember”