November 8, 2019

Black magic is not just about
the spells others may place on us
or say they have.
It is about the negative energy
and spells we cast on ourselves.

Black magic is about
the toxic negativity,
the words and thoughts
of self doubt,
and anything that is

We are the most powerful
practicers of black magic, however,
we can practice
white magic instead.
We can focus on positivity,
radiating love to all,
even if from a distance.

We can undo the negativity
we have thought about ourselves
We can speak goodness and light
about ourselves.
We can speak truth in love.
We can focus on love and light.
We can begin all actions with
a positive intent.

We are our own magicians
what we practice
what we project
is about us.
May we focus on the magic of
love, light and goodness.


August 19, 2019

When I think about traveling,
I think about planes, trains, and automobiles.
I think about leaving and arriving.
I think about new people, places and things.
I do not think about staying still.

Life, however, is an ever-changing landscape.
Nothing in our lives is exactly the same.
It is, as Alice Walker would say,
never the same river twice.
Our bodies,
our minds,
our souls,
the air we breathe,
nothing is ever the same,
we are and live in
an ever-changing landscape.

We travel through the seasons,
through the years of our life,
through the ups and downs,
through the losses and celebrations,
through changes in jobs,
relationships, and so much more.

We live in a constant state of travel,
earning frequent flyer miles of
experience and wisdom as we
travel through the
ever-changing landscape of life.


June 21, 2019

Go to the gym
because your body needs
Eat healthy.
All things in moderation.
These are a few of the things
I hear about caring for my body.

My heart needs more than
a cardio workout.
It needs love.
It needs to be touched,
educated, and

It needs words,
and ideas
which reach in and
caress my heart.

It comes to me through prayer,
and the whispers from above.

Sometimes it is the
creations of others
and sometimes it is the
conversations of my soul.
My poetry is
one way I speak
to my heart
and hopefully
to the hearts of others.


May 19, 2019

Take care of every aspect of your being

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October 4, 2016

This month, is all about opening ourselves up to the spiritual practice of openness. I would like to say that I am an open person, but the more I have been reflecting on openness, the more I have come to realize that every moment of my life I am either opening or closing something. Every moment that I am waiting on something to happen, I am closing myself off to what is happening in that moment. When I am giving what I most desire to give, when I am living from the depth of my being, then I am opening myself up the entire moment. I cannot be open to receiving what I am desiring when I am closed to it’s arrival. Nothing in life can be open and closed at the same time.

There was a song I used to listen to in the 70’s by Meg Christian. She would talk about how we so often spend time waiting for X to happen thinking that was going to make us ok. When we are waiting for X to happen for us to be happy, we have actually closed ourselves up to the happiness we could be experiencing in this very moment. How often do we forget that every moment is the most important moment in our lives? Are we spending that moment open and loving or closed and hanging a sign that says not accepting deliveries? Love and joy cannot be brought into our lives when we are not open to experiencing them.

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September 26, 2016

Dear Sharon,

Yeah I am writing this one to you. Gurl, all month long you have been writing about nurturing, but seriously what have you done to nurture yourself this month. Not enough. So slow down and let’s take some time to smell the roses. Here are a list of things you love doing and have not done for a while. So even though we are moving to a new spiritual practice in October, let’s work on being open to being more nurturing of your own self so you can continue to be nurturing to others.

©      Buy yourself a bunch of fresh flowers and display them where you’ll see them often. Allow yourself to stop and admire them. Do not look at the price, you are worthy.

©      Sit in the warm sunshine and read a good book or magazine.

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