Happiness, like other feelings, is a moment. It is not a wave, it is not a length of time, it is not unending. It is like a wave. It comes, we experience it, and it is gone. Then it comes again. In that moment we celebrate the way we feel. We celebrate the happiness, theContinue reading “CELEBRATE THE MOMENT”


I am not sure why I have been mindful that no two people are the same. As you get to know us, you become aware of our personalities, what we like, don’t like, how we behave, what we believe, and so much more about us as human beings. I was struck this week while watchingContinue reading “NONE ARE THE SAME”


Back in March of this year, so not so long ago, I remember reflecting on an old Beatle song, Let It Be. Yesterday, I was reminded of the importance of those words one more time. I remembered that it is what it is, nothing more or nothing less. In this month, when we are focusing onContinue reading “A MUSICAL TRILOGY”

The Good News

This morning something challenged me to acknowledge a different aspect of negativity in my life. I have been intentional about working on keeping the 1st agreement and being impeccable with my thoughts and words. I have been intentional about avoiding gossip, criticism, thinking negative things about others or myself. I have been intentional about sendingContinue reading “The Good News”