How are you going through life? Like CommentShare Comments Write a comment… Sharon Lindholm is with Sharon Jacobson. 2 hrs ·  I’m so excited!! I’m testing a brand new Facebook party format with Pampered Chef! 🥳 No groups to be added to! No events to RSVP to! It’s as simple as this… for 1️⃣2️⃣ days I will be posting 1️⃣ product per day! MyContinue reading “THOUGHT FOR THE DAY”


Sadly, I am so often reminded we live in a world where we are taught to see divisions. This is what fear and hatred do they divide They build walls and construct barriers which divide us from one another and keep the systems in place; systems which divide and conquer. Love heals. Love teaches usContinue reading “LOVE HEALS”


When I was in seminary, I took a course on advocacy and organizing. One of the questions we were asked to think about was what we felt was the most pressing social issue in contemporary society. Then and now, it is hard for me to pick just one, as there are so many issues thatContinue reading “INHUMANITY AND INJUSTICE”