April 29, 2019

We all have memories.
Each day is an opportunity to make more
Even if you do not like
the ones of the past.
Today you have a chance
to create new ones.
You have the chance to create
which will help you live well,
to stay well
and remember well.

You have the chance to create
which will help you live the
life you are wanting to live.
You have the chance to create
which will bring you one step
closer to the goals you are setting
for yourself.
You have the chance to help others
create memories,
which will help them on their journey’s

You may not feel as if you had power
over the memories of the past,
but you do the ones starting right now.
Even in the painful ones you can find
blessings in the memories and
gifts which helped you grow and evolve.

Hold on to the memories.
There are those I have lost
in my journey.
Once you let them go
they seem to disappear.
So hold on to them
and create new ones
Memories are powerful.


November 16, 2016

In a time where there seems to be a real need to practice peace more then ever, I thought I would share Deepak Chopra’s Seven Practices for Peace   May we begin it now and continue practicing these until we have universal peace on earth

The program for peacemakers asks you to follow a specific practice every day, each one centered on the theme of peace.

Sunday: Being for Peace
Monday: Thinking for Peace
Tuesday: Feeling for Peace
Wednesday: Speaking for Peace
Thursday: Acting for Peace
Friday: Creating for Peace
Saturday: Sharing for Peace

“Our hope is that you will create peace on every level of your life. Each practice takes only a few minutes. You can be as private or outspoken as you wish. But those around you will know that you are for peace, not just thorough good intentions but by the way you conduct your life on a daily basis.

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