There is something about listening really listening, which opens our creative energy and allows us to express ourselves in ways which are surprising, refreshing, and unique. Listening is more than just hearing. It is about really listening to each other. It is about paying attention in a way that is quiet and fascinated. It isContinue reading “CREATIVE LISTENING”


Go to the gym because your body needs exercise. Eat healthy. All things in moderation. These are a few of the things I hear about caring for my body. My heart needs more than a cardio workout. It needs love. It needs to be touched, caressed, molded, educated, and refined. It needs words, actions, feelings,Continue reading “CARING FOR MY HEART”


Maybe its because Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching or that a picture of my mom appeared in my Facebook memories page, or that we have been talking about mom memories as Pampered Chef consultants, or all of the above that has me thinking about my mom and the lessons she taught me in the kitchen. Continue reading “MOM MEMORIES”


I sit and close my eyes and yearn for the depth, the closeness, the longing to know you and know you as completely as you know me. It was you who gave me the capacity to love, to speak, to determine, to dream, to hope, to create, and to survive. You know me completely justContinue reading “MY YEARNING”


I was having a Sesame Street moment as I thought the letter for this week is C. We have so many C items it was hard to choose, but I decided to pick the C item that gets the most use in my home, the Chef’s Silicone Basting Brush. What is interesting is that IContinue reading “C IS FOR CHEF’S SILICONE BASTING BRUSH”

GETTING CREATIVE Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Last night, was a great example of this for me. I had dinner all planned in my head. I was going to make a vegan egg roll in a bowl for our dinner. Love that dish because it comes together so quickly in the 12”Continue reading “GETTING CREATIVE”