There is not a day that goes by that something in our lives does not die. Sometimes it is people, or our furbabies, a situation, a relationship, or a belief. We may like to believe that life and death are separate, but they are like partners in a a dance. Death touches our lives sometimesContinue reading “LEARNING FROM DEATH”


Every month, every day someone leaves us to live in a different space. Friends, family members, and furbabies have died before us The older we get, the more we experience people leaving before us, and leaving us behind. I miss those who have gone, but in their own ways they live on. They exist inContinue reading “INSPIRATIONS”


One of my favorite theologians is Henri Nouwen. His writing is simplistic, but powerful. He brings you into his life and allows you to walk with him in his life through every possible emotion. You learn, cry, laugh, feel compassion, and grow with him in his and your own journey. The last few years haveContinue reading “POURING LIBATIONS”