April 21, 2017


I love God’s sense of humor. The Ultimate Consciousness know that once I get going working, I am on a roll and can easily forget to take my micro fast breaks. It never ceases to amaze me how the Infinite uses everything in my environment to keep me balanced, centered, and focused. Normally Dr Wally and Mr Mittens spend most of their human interaction time with Zoe. They only come to my side of the desk when they want treats and she is not here.

The last few days I have been going like crazy, trying to stay current with those areas I am current in while catching up with those areas I need to catch up in (still). I know I need to take micro fast breaks, but the pressure to catch up seems to want to cancel them out. Enter Mr Mittens stage right. He has developed this new habit of three to four times a day crawling up on my shoulder and not leaving until I have patted his bottom and held him for at least 15 minutes.

Being who I am, I decided this was a great time to take my micro fast and meditate. So I pat his butt as part of my meditation and we both go into a deep silence until he tells me our time is over by licking my ear and going back to his blanket to nap. I guess meditating with me wears him out

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March 28, 2017

Which side are you allowing to control your life?



March 27, 2017


Writing about my own shadows is challenging. I remember when I first became aware of the power of shadows in my life. I was watching a DVD by Debbie Ford based on her book with Deepak Chopra. She talked about how shadows are like beach balls in the water. You can suppress one, maybe two, maybe three, but then there comes the point that one more comes to you and in the process of trying to hold it under the surface all the others come to the surface.

It was more than two years ago. I remember watching this film and then this woman told her story and honestly, I cannot remember what she said, but it triggered something so profound in me that I could not stop crying for days. I could feel this wave of emotions moving through my body and pain just wanting to find its way out. It took me a while to understand that for years I had suppressed fear and feelings of abandonment from the circumstances of my birth and my near-death experience.

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March 24, 2017

Give thanks for the dark times as they are signs of a metamorphosis and transformation within




March 23, 2017

why do you continue to act out in ways that go against your value system and all that we stand for? Explore your shadow self and live in a greater congruency



March 21, 2017

Embrace our dualistic nature, we all have one.



November 16, 2016

In a time where there seems to be a real need to practice peace more then ever, I thought I would share Deepak Chopra’s Seven Practices for Peace   May we begin it now and continue practicing these until we have universal peace on earth

The program for peacemakers asks you to follow a specific practice every day, each one centered on the theme of peace.

Sunday: Being for Peace
Monday: Thinking for Peace
Tuesday: Feeling for Peace
Wednesday: Speaking for Peace
Thursday: Acting for Peace
Friday: Creating for Peace
Saturday: Sharing for Peace

“Our hope is that you will create peace on every level of your life. Each practice takes only a few minutes. You can be as private or outspoken as you wish. But those around you will know that you are for peace, not just thorough good intentions but by the way you conduct your life on a daily basis.

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November 21, 2015

As you open a door today remember to give thanks for what is in front of you, what is behind you, and what is coming in with you.


June 30, 2015

At the end of every Qi Gong set, we always say I am Qi and Qi is in me. Then our Qi Gong teacher, Mary Meissner says it in Chinese, but I am not even going to try to spell that out. While it means that I am energy and energy is in me, it reminds me of something greater. For me, the Divine is love and love is energy. Therefore I am the Divine energy and the Divine energy is in me. It is not just in one thing or one person, the Divine energy, the Divine Qi is in everything.

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Have you ever been working online and have a problem loading or page? Have you ever been on a call within others on Skype or Zoom and been told your internet connection is unstable? Most of us have experienced some sort of “connection” related problem when it comes to us being able to work (or play) efficiently on our computer.

What if we thought about our connection to the Divine as us being connected to the Cosmic Computer? How would you describe your connection to the Divine? Would you say you are still on dialup or are you hardwired? Do you power down at night or do you stay connected? How much of you is connected to the Cosmic Computer? Is it just your spirit? Mind? Body? Or is every cell of your being connected?

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