It’s not a luxury, Audre Lorde once wrote. It’s not. I truly get it. I know what it’s like to have words which are fighting to come out and speak their truth, tell their story, and ask to be heard, and honored respected, and understood. Being heard is not a luxury. It is something weContinue reading “IT’S NOT A LUXURY”


There is not, never has been, never will be, anyone like you. Why? Because you are divine by designed. Why? Because you were designed by the Divine This is true for each of us. We are each Divine originals. What if we were intentional about seeing the uniqueness in each other. What if we focusedContinue reading “DIVINE BY DESIGN”


When I think of Empathy I tend to think of empathizing with another person’s sorrow, disappointment, and pain. I think of tasting the salt in someone else’s tears Empathy is about oneness between us. It means I can feel with you and be in oneness with you in good times and bad I can tasteContinue reading “EMPATHY”