This morning I was having a conversation with a friend who lives in Ontario and she got me thinking about our Cut n Seal. For a variety of reasons, the name really struck me this morning because it reminded me that there are things we need to cut out of our lives as they cutContinue reading “CUT N SEAL”


So often we think about teachers as people, sometimes experiences, even animals. However, sometimes our teachers can be films. It is one of the reasons that several times I have offered a film and spirituality group. It is amazing the spiritual lessons we can learn from a film. Sometimes what we learn is from theContinue reading “MOVIE TEACHERS”


I was reading the thought for the day from Don Miguel Ruiz this morning. He wrote, “Your life is the manifestation of your personal dream. If you can transform the program of your personal dream, you can become a dream master.” We cannot transform something, however, if we are not willing to open our hearts, minds, andContinue reading “BECOME A DREAM MASTER”


Dear God, I am not even sure what to say today. Other than please forgive me. I am just going to start with that. I have been intentional about my thoughts, words, and deeds on so many levels. However, today was one of those moments when I was intentional about what came out of myContinue reading “PLEASE FORGIVE ME”


This month, as I have been thinking about the practice of faith, I have come to realize the importance of reflecting on the beliefs on which my faith is built and which govern the way I live my life and practice my faith. What I believe has been influenced by what I learned while attendingContinue reading “WHAT I BELIEVE!”


This quote from Lao Tsu brought me back to my childhood and all of a sudden, I can hear myself as a child singing, “She’s got the whole world in her hands. She’s got the whole wide world in her hands. She’s got the whole wild world in her hands. She’s got the whole worldContinue reading “THE WORD IS OURS”


A few years ago, I asked you to work with me and help me continue to grow and evolve spiritually. Ever since then you have provided me with opportunities to do just that. Most recently, you have reminded me to let go of self-judgment and blame. As Don Miguel Ruiz reminded me, in his writingContinue reading “RELEASING THE SHAME”


Dear God, I am grateful for this month of reflecting on my own worth. In doing so, I have been reminded of how important it is to me to speak with integrity. It reminds me of a conversation I had with a colleague recently about knowing when to allow myself to speak and when IContinue reading “SPEAKING WITH INTEGRITY”


The other day I came across this quote from Kevin Ngo and it fit perfectly with the theme for this month. Occasionally we all need a word of encouragement or a reminder that we are worth the investment. That includes me. If, as don Miguel Ruiz suggests we do the best we can in all things,Continue reading “YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT!”