The spiritual practice we are focusing on this month is forgiveness. As I began to pray about this, I wondered how I was going to talk about forgiveness and food. It was during our Living the Five Agreements group when I realized that what had helped me stop overeating and eating compulsively was when I beganContinue reading “A DIET OF FORGIVENESS.”

Use It!

In this month’s newsletter, I gave us a few things about self-worth to consider. I asked us to think about whether we knew God loved us just as we are. I suggested we think about whether we see life challenges as confining or empowering. I encouraged us to remember to periodically empty out the emotional, mental,Continue reading “Use It!”


This morning I stumbled across a quote from the writing of C. JoyBell C., which seemed to echo one of the things we talked about at Love and Inspiration yesterday morning. She wrote, “You can be the most beautiful person in the world and everybody sees light and rainbows when they look at you, butContinue reading “ARE YOU THROWING YOUR LIFE AWAY?”


Dear Sharon, I know you strive to be loving in all you say and do. However, knowing you as well as I do, I also know that there are times that you have not done so and that you often times remember those moments. Today, I begin by forgiving myself for all the times IContinue reading “FORGIVING MYSELF”


It seems that today we live in a day of acronyms LOL, ROTFLMAO, TTYL, CYA, etc. Sometimes we become so accustomed to them that we assume everyone knows what they are, until they let us know that they don’t. For example, the other day someone asked me what cya stood for; she thought I wasContinue reading “EEHH AND DDNN”