I look at the earth for inspiration. it revolves, it grows, it transforms and it keeps on going. It never stops. I can be like the earth. I can grow evolve, transform persevere, and be persistent. I can have my seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter. I grow, I play, I change and IContinue reading “LIKE THE EARTH”


When I think about traveling, I think about planes, trains, and automobiles. I think about leaving and arriving. I think about new people, places and things. I do not think about staying still. Life, however, is an ever-changing landscape. Nothing in our lives is exactly the same. It is, as Alice Walker would say, neverContinue reading “EVER-CHANGING LANDSCAPE”


The earth births spring The earth births summer The earth births fall The earth births winter The earth has gone through trials The earth has gone through challenges The earth has endured The earth keeps birthing The earth inspires me The earth keeps me growing The earth inspires me to endure The earth reminds toContinue reading “THE EARTH”