May 26, 2019

I seem to have stumped quite a few of my friends with a simple, or what I thought was a simple question. What food do you consider spiritual?  I asked my wife and she looked at me like I had three heads. It wasn’t anything she had every thought of before. Made me wonder how many of us think about our food as spiritual.  Are there foods we think of as more spiritual than others?

If we thought about our food as spiritual, would we select it differently? Would we prepare it differently? Would we ingest it differently? If we thought about the sacrifices made by that which we eat, would we think about it differently? Would we make different choices in what we eat or where our food came from?

As I thought about these questions today, I found myself thinking about some of the changes I have made in my life recently. They may have been for health reasons, but they were also spiritual. So my reflection today, is not long, but here to challenge you to think about what you eat, how you eat it, where it comes from, how you prepare it and to recognize that everything we eat or drink is a gift that others have given so we may eat and drink what is before us. How does that change the way you think for yourself?


March 22, 2019

You left the light on.
The water is still dripping.
Are you going to throw that away?
How often do we forget
to be mindful
about our environment
and our resources.

I am one who gets distracted
and forgets to shut the light off
I leave the water running
from time to time.
I do not always treat the environment
with kindness, dignity, and respect.

Being mindful means
I have to be present
when eating and
experience the aroma,
and taste
of my food.
It means I am mindful
of my utilities and when
and why I am using them
it means I honor that which
is in my home and
regift it when I no longer
appreciate its value

Being mindful brings me
closer to a place of that
amazing peace,
because I am seeing and
honoring the Divine in all.

Because of this,
I am going to work on
being mindful
and honoring all.

E is for Eating

November 28, 2013


After having spent most of the day in the kitchen cooking in preparation for our Thanksgiving Open House Pot Luck Dinner, reading about what my Jewish friends were eating in celebration of Hanukah, and all the amazing dishes my friends were making for their Thanksgiving feast this year, it was easy to think about eating. Each year, I tell myself I am only going to make the two things I commit to making, but that is never true. I always find it important to ensure I have made at least one thing that each member of my household, which this year is three, really loves on the table. So for Zoe it was my baked ham (thank you Ina Garten) and my macaroni and cheese. For Sam, it was pumpkin cheesecake, although it could have been anything pumpkin. For me, it was my two cranberry relish and stuffing. For my guests, I am making my twice a year holiday garlic smashed potatoes with mascarpone cheese. Ready to eat yet? LOL

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