Happiness, like other feelings, is a moment. It is not a wave, it is not a length of time, it is not unending. It is like a wave. It comes, we experience it, and it is gone. Then it comes again. In that moment we celebrate the way we feel. We celebrate the happiness, theContinue reading “CELEBRATE THE MOMENT”


I used to want to be an expert, however, I realized I was less open to learning. Now I work at staying a beginner This mindset is not easy. It  means I drop my expectations preconceived ideas and anything I believe an experience will be like. What if we approached everyone, everything and every situationContinue reading “STAYING A BEGINNER”


  One of the quotes I come back to repeatedly in my own journey are the words of Iyanla Vanzant who taught me to give thanks for those who get on my last nerve. Each of them in their own way is helping me to learn something about myself. So often, when we find someoneContinue reading “LIFE LESSONS”