For the last two nights, I have been making dinners served on sticks. Last night was chicken and zucchini yakatori. The night before was chicken and tomato pesto skewers. My family loved both of them and they were both put on the “you can make this again” list. At first, I thought this is myContinue reading “IT’S ABOUT THE STICK”

“It’s not possi…

“It’s not possible to do the wrong thing. You do what you do and you experience the consequences of what you do. If you do not experience this before you do, your soul creates a new life so that you can. This is reincarnation. Eventually, you treat people as you would like to be treated.”Continue reading ““It’s not possi…”

T is for Tortillas

For the last week, I have been reflecting on what the focus of my blog would be for this week. T words floated into and out of my brain. I thought about tomatoes, tuna, tacos, tenderizer, tomatillos, turnips, thyme, and even tequila. Ultimately, I kept coming back to tortillas. They are a staple in ourContinue reading “T is for Tortillas”

O is for Openness

  There are so many amazing foods that begin with O I could have chosen from this week. There is oat bran, oils, olives, okra, onion rings, onions, oranges, orange juice, omelet, oatmeal, octopus, oysters, orecchiette, and oregano. I could have even gone with some O brands such as Oreo’s or Olive Garden. Any of whichContinue reading “O is for Openness”