July 6, 2019

I have been thinking about prayer
and what I pray about.
Then it dawned on me
that when I pray,
I am entering a
space with the Divine.
I am entering
a league of my own.

It doesn’t matter
who I am around
or with
or where.
When I open myself and
pray I am in
a league of my own
being coached by the Ultimate
and being taken
to a higher place of understanding.

I am in a league
selected just for me.
A league of my own,
hand picked and selected
by the Ultimate.
A league just for me.
A league of my own.



June 24, 2019

Hope is about trust.
Hope is about walking in faith
not always knowing
where, how or even why,
but knowing their trust
in the Ultimate
will guide them
and their journey.
Hope is what
the spiritual leaders before us had.
Whether it was
Doris Day,
or someone else,
they walked in hope,
of a journey
they could not forsee

Walk in faith.
That is what many
spiritual leaders did.
They walked in hope
knowing their faith would
guide them forward.
We hope that the same
is true
for us.
We live with a promise in our hearts
Like those before us,
we may not know
how, or why, but we know
from whom.


June 15, 2019

It’s been a rough few weeks.
It’s been filled with losses,
accidents, illnesses,
and other challenges.
I have so many friends who are going through
feeling weighed down with
grief, fear, concerns, and
the challenges of life.

Together we are going through
remembering that life
makes no promises.
There is no promise that
life will be easy
or simple.
We may wish there was, but
there are no promises.

So we lift each other up,
knowing we will make it through
and remind each other
we have this.
We remind each other
to focus on the positive.
We focus on what we have
to be grateful for.
We help each other through
the good times and the bad
and we remind ourselves that
life makes no promises


May 25, 2019

Start by believing in yourself

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May 7, 2019

Sometimes we try to be courteous,
we try to be nice
and respectful.
We don’t answer the phone
when we are out with people.
We try to pay full attention
to the one we are with.
We try to be present.

Then the question was asked
what if that is God calling?
What if we are sitting here talking about nothing
and God needs you to be of service
do we answer
or do we ignore.
Does it matter on who we are with
and what they say?

What if those moments in life,
we view as annoyances are really
Divine interventions?
What if we could see the Divine
in those moments we want to ignore?
What if those moments are
our invitations to be the Good Samaritan?
What if God called, and we did not answer?


April 4, 2019

Growing up pies, were one of the many baked goods my mother excelled at. Although she was much better at her cakes and pastries like rugelach. I can still close my eyes and smell those aromas floating through the house. When she made her pies she always made her own dough and had her own secrets about making pie crust, which are no longer secrets, but that will be another blog.

What I do remember, however, is that all her pie crusts looked the same. She always went around and made little pinches with her fingers. I wonder what she would think of some of the creative ways Pampered Chef has come up with to decorate pie crusts and tops. This X marked pie crust is just one of them. It is quick, easy and creative. All you do is press the dough into your pie pan, trim off the excess, and then use the releasing end of the Cake Tester and Releasing tool to make X marks on your dough. If you then brush the crust with beaten egg, using the Chef’s Silicone Basting Brush, it will enhance the details and make the X pop.

You already know why I like the Chef’s Silicone Basting Brush, but the Cake Tester and Releaser is not only a baker’s dream, it also represents some spiritual lessons for me. this tool not only can check to make sure something is done, but it can also help to release the baked goods from your pan. I have known folks who use it to piece potatoes and those who used to bring them out at fondue parties to dip fruit into melted chocolate. Of course, that was before we came out with our S’more and Fondue Stick Set.

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April 4, 2019

This week’s song of the week reminds me that we are the masters of our sea. It is our experiences in life, the challenges we have made it through which create our belief system and give us faith. https://youtu.be/7wtfhZwyrcc

When I was a kid we would play a game to build our vocabulary. I remember V being for vegetables and victory and a few other words. It was fun to be able to say that V is for V shaped. I love the shape of our V-Shaped Baking Pan Set for a few reasons. One being that it helps me make healthy snacks for my family, which is a challenge. It is going to also be making one of what Zoe calls junk food night, “taco night” fresher and easier. I can even use it to make some fresh and easy to make desserts. With my busy schedule, anything which  can make my life easier and help me get fresh and healthy food on the table is a blessing.

My wife is a chip addict. So I love that in minutes I can make her fresh potato chips and if I am feeling risky, I can try getting her to eat some homemade fruit and vegetable chips. What I love about this new set is that it lets me bake twice as many ships as I could on a sheet pan. So now I can make tortilla and potato chips on demand, well with some notice at least. LOL As long as I have potatoes and tortillas in the house I can make chips.

What I am looking forward to trying next is making dessert tacos with pie crust and my favorite fillings. The more I look at these pans, the more I realize that what I can create with this pan is limited by my own imagination.

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March 19, 2019

My Bubby would say,
when you can see the blessing
in any situation,
then you will be okay.
She taught me
what I looked for
I would find.
If I looked for problems
I would find them
if I looked for gifts and blessings
I would find them


The more I look for something
the more of it I will find.
The one little problem
will become a huge field of them.
The smallest of blessings
will lead to a path of growth and evolution.


What I look for in life
is what I will find.

What if you saw each “problem”
as a teacher,
as a gift
which was bringing you closer
to your Higher Power


What if life was filled
with nothing but
opportunities for
growth and evolution.
What if we cannot see them
because we let our ego
blur our vision.
Today let us give thanks
in all circumstances and
work to see the blessings and gifts
in all life brings our way.


February 22, 2019

Life is like a dance.
God is my partner.
God makes suggestions
and I respond
it is a conversation
between the two of us
which is all about us

God is skilled,
if I have faith
then I do not have to guess
I just have to follow.

God’s timing is perfect.
so I just have to follow,
without doubt,
without fear,
without the desire to
change the dance.

Dancing with God
is about trust.
It is about
releasing anticipation.
It is about moving with
and matching the movements.
it is about maintaining balance
in my relationship with God

It is about following the signals
which God is giving me.
It is also about knowing that
God never forces me to follow.
That choice is always up to me.