In these days, we find so many who feel beaten down and who feel pushed to the edge. There are those who feel as if making it through each day is like walking a gangplank and every action or inaction feels personal. There are those for whom living in quarantine feels like they are livingContinue reading “THE LEAST OF THEE”


Fear is like a fence around my mind, my body, my soul, and my world. It restricts me, my view, my interactions, my experiences, and my life. Fear looks like its protecting, providing safety, security, and peace. in reality, it is imprisoning, restricting, and limiting. Today I live without fear. i know I have nothingContinue reading “NO MORE FEAR”


When I was a little gurl there was nothing more comforting then cuddling up in my parent’s lap. As I grew bigger, I became too big for their laps, but I was never too big for God’s lap God’s lap is my sanctuary. It has taken various forms. It has been a field of flowers.Continue reading “IN GOD’S LAP”