Beauty, they  say is in the eye of the beholder But it is so much more. Beauty is like a food. It fills one’s spirit. It helps us see things, feel things, understand things, see things, and experience things in a way that surpasses understanding. Beauty is healing. nurturing, transformative, and evidence of the Divine.Continue reading “BEAUTY”


I seem to have stumped quite a few of my friends with a simple, or what I thought was a simple question. What food do you consider spiritual?  I asked my wife and she looked at me like I had three heads. It wasn’t anything she had every thought of before. Made me wonder howContinue reading “FOOD AS SPIRITUAL”


This week I was going to reflect on what I learned about freezing from the book I am cooking my way through, The Make Ahead Vegan, but then life happened. Three people of varying importance in my life passed over and I, once again, found myself in this state of grief. I once again foundContinue reading “HOPE & SESAME & THE ZENFUL KITCHEN”

Y is for You

This morning while I was posting my thought for the day to my blog on WordPress, I came across this picture about self-acceptance. While the picture has nothing to do with food, other than counting calories or eating vegan, it has do with something important to one’s approach to cooking, food, and spirituality – YOU. AfterContinue reading “Y is for You”