This holiday season we give to others, to organizations, but rarely to ourselves. This year I am giving to myself. This year I am giving the gift of forgiveness. I am letting go of anger, jealousy resentment, and any other negative and toxic emotion in my body. I am giving myself the power to healContinue reading “GIFTING MYSELF”


Forgiveness is a gift, it is about setting us both free. it is about reaching across all the divides, across all the barriers, across everything that makes us not want to be willing to embrace. Being willing to embrace is not physical, its about allowing our love to be unconditional and transformative. it’s about beingContinue reading “WILLING TO EMBRACE”


I remember the process Of sending the parts of me Away. I sent them into exile because I had internalized the lies, others had told me were truths. It wasn’t all at once. It was a process of not seeing my beauty not owning my intelligence not appreciating all of who God created me toContinue reading “OUT OF EXILE”