As many of you who follow us on a regular basis know, the next few years we are focusing on a different spiritual practice each month. September is the month of forgiveness. While I have always known it to be a spiritual practice, I did not realize that there days that were set aside toContinue reading “POULTICE OF SELF-LOVE”

song of the week

TobyMac told Christianity Today the story behind this song: “Anyone who is married knows the feeling of offending and lying in an ice cold bed yet sweating. Sometimes our resolve to confess and seek forgiveness is more difficult to navigate than we can imagine. This song sums up a typical ‘post-stick my foot in myContinue reading “song of the week”


I recently read this quote from Desmond Tutu in Victor Chan’s book The Wisdom of Forgiveness. It was written, In our country, we speak of something called ubuuntu. When I want to praise you, the highest praise I can give you is to say, you have ubuuntu — this person has what it takes to beContinue reading “UBUUNTU”