May 15, 2017

So often we think about teachers as people, sometimes experiences, even animals. However, sometimes our teachers can be films. It is one of the reasons that several times I have offered a film and spirituality group. It is amazing the spiritual lessons we can learn from a film. Sometimes what we learn is from the storyline, sometimes it is the setting, sometimes the lighting, sometimes the music, sometimes a character.

When I offered this group it was interesting to be sitting in a room full of people who had all just watched the same film, but we all walked away with different things or characters that spoke to us. It is like going to a restaurant and everybody eats the same meal, but different people like different things about it. What you see and take from it is for you and I see and take from it is for me.

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March 8, 2014


I just wanted to take a moment to give thanks for the awesome time I had with all the people who came to have their spirit drawings done by J:D Arrichi at our space. It was a blessing to have met new people and enabled them to experience the peace and healing, which we offer in our space. Sometimes a place can sound good on paper, but until you experience the space, you do not know if it is a space, you need to return to in your journey.

There were so many amazingly powerful memories yesterday, which served as clear reminders of the subtle way that Spirit works. For example, I thought it was funny how one of the women was looking for a new dentist did not know that the co-pastor at her church was a dentist. After helping her to connect the dots, she realized she knew who she needed to go see. Prayer answered. Thank you for using me one more time.

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