What if we thought about prayer as a building block, as a foundation which holds up the world? What if the only reason the world still exists is because there are those who pray and hold up the world with their faith, their belief, and their prayers. May we hold up the world each dayContinue reading “HOLD UP THE WORLD”


It is okay, I tell my students to say I do not know. There is nothing wrong with saying I do not know. Saying I do not know opens us up to learning, growing, and receiving knowledge from the Divine. There are always things at work, at home, at school and with our friends thatContinue reading “I DO NOT KNOW”


This week has been filled with distractions. People have died. People have been placed in hospice People have been forced to move People have been going through the most challenging of times So many people in need of prayer. In the midst of the storms, I seek God’s smile. in the midst of the distractions,Continue reading “GOD SMILES”