July 8, 2019

Judge not,
lest ye be judged.
Yet we judge all the time.
We judge
things, and
everything else

We fail to see that
everyone and everything
has a purpose
and a place.
What if we sought
the goodness and value
in every person,
and thing?

May we seek
to see the presence
and blessings of the
Ultimate in all.
May we remember
to not judge others
and may we pray that others
not judge us.



July 6, 2019

I have been thinking about prayer
and what I pray about.
Then it dawned on me
that when I pray,
I am entering a
space with the Divine.
I am entering
a league of my own.

It doesn’t matter
who I am around
or with
or where.
When I open myself and
pray I am in
a league of my own
being coached by the Ultimate
and being taken
to a higher place of understanding.

I am in a league
selected just for me.
A league of my own,
hand picked and selected
by the Ultimate.
A league just for me.
A league of my own.


June 7, 2019

There are days
when I just need
to be held.
When I want to be
a little gurl held
in my mother’s arms

Then I close my eyes,
wrap my arms around myself
and rock myself
until I feel myself being
held in your arms.

It brings me back in time
to those moments when
I was wrapped in the
arms of love and knew
all was going to be okay.

Now when I need to be held
I wrap my arms around myself
and rock myself like my mother did
until I am held by you
and rocked in your Divine love.


May 7, 2019

Sometimes we try to be courteous,
we try to be nice
and respectful.
We don’t answer the phone
when we are out with people.
We try to pay full attention
to the one we are with.
We try to be present.

Then the question was asked
what if that is God calling?
What if we are sitting here talking about nothing
and God needs you to be of service
do we answer
or do we ignore.
Does it matter on who we are with
and what they say?

What if those moments in life,
we view as annoyances are really
Divine interventions?
What if we could see the Divine
in those moments we want to ignore?
What if those moments are
our invitations to be the Good Samaritan?
What if God called, and we did not answer?


February 25, 2019

When I was a little gurl
there was nothing more comforting
then cuddling up
in my parent’s lap.
As I grew bigger,
I became too big for their laps,
but I was never too big for God’s lap

God’s lap
is my sanctuary.
It has taken various forms.
It has been a field of flowers.
It has been the warmth of the sun.
it has been that safe place in my dreams.
it has been the calming of a warm shower.
it is any space or place where I feel
unconditionally loved and safe.

God’s lap
always has room
no matter how young or old we are.
God’s lap
always offers
the comfort and healing,
the love and the safety
we so often seek in life.
Next time you are in need
curl up in God’s lap
and know you are loved


February 22, 2019

Life is like a dance.
God is my partner.
God makes suggestions
and I respond
it is a conversation
between the two of us
which is all about us

God is skilled,
if I have faith
then I do not have to guess
I just have to follow.

God’s timing is perfect.
so I just have to follow,
without doubt,
without fear,
without the desire to
change the dance.

Dancing with God
is about trust.
It is about
releasing anticipation.
It is about moving with
and matching the movements.
it is about maintaining balance
in my relationship with God

It is about following the signals
which God is giving me.
It is also about knowing that
God never forces me to follow.
That choice is always up to me.


February 16, 2019

What is your heart clinging to and confiding in?

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February 11, 2019

“I celebrate myself,”
The poet Walt Whitman wrote.
Are you celebrating yourself?
What if you celebrated
all of you,
your achievements,
your experiences, and
your existence.

How would you look at yourself
if you were celebrating
all of who you are?

Would you be saying
I am God’s beloved
I know God is pleased with me
Would you know you are good?
Would you stand in front of yourself and say
“I celebrate myself.”


February 2, 2019

I sit and close my eyes
and yearn for the depth,
the closeness,
the longing to know you
and know you as completely
as you know me.

It was you who gave me the capacity to love,
to speak,
to determine,
to dream,
to hope,
to create, and
to survive.

You know me
just as I yearn
to know you
with the same depth
you know me
but I don’t.

I know I will again,
perhaps not until
I am with you again
but that day will come.

Until then, I allow you
to use me,
to mold me,
to help me
become a spiritual warrior,
constantly seeking
to know the me
you created me to be

So the yearning continues
and teaches me about myself
about you
and all the other me’s you
bring into my life
who teach me and deepen
my yearning for you .


January 14, 2019

What do you see,
when you look at me?
Do you see my skin color,
my weight,
my wheelchair,
my sex,
my age, or
do you see more?
Do you see
the Divine in me,
do you see me as a
Divine original?
Do you see the grace,
compassion of
the Divine?

When I look at you
what do you want me to see?
Learning to see the
Sacred in everyone
is a practice,
a gift,
a way of being able to see
God’s presence on earth.
May we practice seeing
the Divine in each other, as
we use each other as mirrors,
which reflect the goodness and
beauty of the Infinite.