When I was a little gurl there was nothing more comforting then cuddling up in my parent’s lap. As I grew bigger, I became too big for their laps, but I was never too big for God’s lap God’s lap is my sanctuary. It has taken various forms. It has been a field of flowers.Continue reading “IN GOD’S LAP”


“I celebrate myself,” The poet Walt Whitman wrote. Are you celebrating yourself? What if you celebrated all of you, your achievements, your experiences, and your existence. How would you look at yourself if you were celebrating all of who you are? Would you be saying I am God’s beloved I know God is pleased withContinue reading “CELEBRATE YOURSELF”


I sit and close my eyes and yearn for the depth, the closeness, the longing to know you and know you as completely as you know me. It was you who gave me the capacity to love, to speak, to determine, to dream, to hope, to create, and to survive. You know me completely justContinue reading “MY YEARNING”

WHAT DO YOU SEE? What do you see, when you look at me? Do you see my skin color, my weight, my wheelchair, my sex, my age, or do you see more? Do you see the Divine in me, do you see me as a Divine original? Do you see the grace, wisdom, mercy, love, compassion of theContinue reading “WHAT DO YOU SEE?”

VISIBLE INVISIBILITY She was sitting in the corner and I never even saw her until she coughed and then I saw her and noticed her beauty. The last thing to discover water would be a fish, Confucious said because it is so pervasive that it is invisible. What keeps us from seeing what we see whenContinue reading “VISIBLE INVISIBILITY”