They were five, six and seven, Yet they knew how to cuss, gossip, slander, And speak words of hate. They were young, But they had learned how to Hurt others with their words It was time to let them taste What their words felt like So they had to sip on listerine Try eating aContinue reading “YUCKY OR YUMMY”


Dear God, I am grateful for this month of reflecting on my own worth. In doing so, I have been reminded of how important it is to me to speak with integrity. It reminds me of a conversation I had with a colleague recently about knowing when to allow myself to speak and when IContinue reading “SPEAKING WITH INTEGRITY”

The Good News

This morning something challenged me to acknowledge a different aspect of negativity in my life. I have been intentional about working on keeping the 1st agreement and being impeccable with my thoughts and words. I have been intentional about avoiding gossip, criticism, thinking negative things about others or myself. I have been intentional about sendingContinue reading “The Good News”