Piety used to make me think of those who were holier than thou. Then I learned that piety meant pious which meant kind Kindess is about showing grace, compassion, gentleness, love, and concern for other Kindness is about the body, mind, and soul. It is about our words and our actions being one Kindness isContinue reading “KINDNESS”


“Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.” These are three simple realities. Yet there are things in my life which have lasted for decades. There are things in my life which move me spiritually. There are things which appear perfect, even in their imperfections. There is a sense of everything, in this nothing.Continue reading “NOTHING”


Forgiveness is a gift, it is about setting us both free. it is about reaching across all the divides, across all the barriers, across everything that makes us not want to be willing to embrace. Being willing to embrace is not physical, its about allowing our love to be unconditional and transformative. it’s about beingContinue reading “WILLING TO EMBRACE”


Years ago, the spiritual director I was working with talked with me about a Japanese form of self-defense called aikido. She talked with me about how when we are surprised and thrown off guard, we want to fight or free. We want to narrow our world and our vision to create this protective force aroundContinue reading “OPEN MY EYES”