December 6, 2019

So often we give thanks
for what we have,
for what we have been given,
for prayers answered, and
for that which has been manifested
in our lives.

Today I give thanks for
that which I know is coming.
I give thanks for

that which I pray for today,
for that which I know is coming
because of my faith.

Today I believe in the power
of prayer,
of speaking things into being,
and of believing
in the power of the Universe.

Today I give thanks
for that which has arrived
and that which is coming.
I give thanks for that which I have asked for
and that which the Universe
knows I need.
I just give thanks.


November 23, 2019

What does thqanksgiving mean to you?

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October 11, 2019

Do you have an attitude of gratitude

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September 7, 2019

We all have those in our lives
who have the gift of
pressing our buttons.
They are like heat seeking missals
with the ability to detonate that
which we needed to destroy
in our own time.

We tend to avoid them
because we see them as evil,
as our enemies,
and those to avoid.

What if we began saying
thank you.
Thank you for helping
me address my weaknesses.
Thank you for showing me
the dangers before me
Thank you for being a teacher

Thank you for helping me see
what I was not ready to see in myself.
Thank you for forcing me to heal
so that you and others cannot hurt
me in my future.
Thank you for showing me the dangers
so I can take the path which is safer and
not fraught with the dangers
I could not see.

To all of you who taught me
whether that was your intent or not
thank you.


August 12, 2019

We tend to thank you
for so many things.
We thank you for
what we have,
our friends,
and all we have been given.

Today may we also thank you
for what we do not have.
May we remember to thank you
for the illnesses we do not have,
for the challenges we do not face,
for the possessions we do not own,
for the poverty we do not experience.
For all we do not own,
we thank you.

We thank you
for our first world issues,
for the things we do not
even realize we have.
For all we have and
all we do not have
we thank you.


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Goodness begets goodness.
kindness begets kindness.
Gratitude begets gratitude.
Love begets love.
What we put into the world
spreads out and touches others.

If I want to be surrounded by goodness,
I have to radiate it.
If I want to be surrounded by kindness,
I have to practice it.
if I want to be grateful, I have to have an
attitude of gratitude.
If I want to be loved,
I have to offer love.

I have to be the glue
to which goodness,
and love

I have to remember to beget
that which I want to birth
in this world.
What I beget is
what will continue to beget
long after I am gone.

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June 15, 2019

It’s been a rough few weeks.
It’s been filled with losses,
accidents, illnesses,
and other challenges.
I have so many friends who are going through
feeling weighed down with
grief, fear, concerns, and
the challenges of life.

Together we are going through
remembering that life
makes no promises.
There is no promise that
life will be easy
or simple.
We may wish there was, but
there are no promises.

So we lift each other up,
knowing we will make it through
and remind each other
we have this.
We remind each other
to focus on the positive.
We focus on what we have
to be grateful for.
We help each other through
the good times and the bad
and we remind ourselves that
life makes no promises


May 27, 2019

To all the people who have gotten on my nerves,
Thank you.
You have taught me so much
about myself.
You have taught me to
turn the mirror on myself
and see that same quality
in myself and learn from it,
so thank you.

To all the people who have hurt me
Thank you.
You too have taught me to
look at why I allowed you to do so.
You helped me grow and become
more aware of where I needed to heal,
what expectations I needed to release, and
what else I needed to release in my own life,
so thank you.

To all the people who have not lived up
to my expectations.
Thank you.
You have taught me to look at what
I was still expecting and not aware o.
You have reminded me of the difference
between expectation and agreement.
You have helped me to seek clarification,
in those situations where I did not have it,
so thank you.

To all those who have helped me to grow,
because something you did hurt me,
disappointed me,
let me down,
irritated me,
or just got on my last nerve,
thank you.


May 17, 2019

So often we live
as if there is a tomorrow.
However, we are not promised
a tomorrow or even a minute from now.

I have almost died
so many times.
I almost died at birth
in a car accident when
I flew out of the car.
I almost died when both
my ureters were obstructed
and when my common bile duct
was obstructed
and before my sleep apnea
was diagnosed.

I remember when they thought
my son was going to die.
I remember my friends
who committed suicide.
I remember all the friends
and family members who have had
their last day

So now, I try to live as if
today is my last day.
I remember to tell
Zoe that I love her.
I remember to say thank you
to all those who love and support me.
I remember to be grateful
I woke up and made it through
another day.

I remember that today
may be my last day.
I remember  that nothing
is promised.
I remember I do not know
So I give thanks or just waking up
as this may be my last day.


May 13, 2019

It was almost 30 years ago
when I bought that black sweater.
Over the years,
it has kept me warm,
gone on dates,
seen me through
good times and bad.
My black sweater stayed
with me longer than
some friends.

Then the day came,
that I had to say goodbye.
I was so worn out and tattered
I could no longer wear it
not even at home.
There was something about saying
to this sweater that had seen me through
30 years of life.

So as I prepared to let it go
I took a moment to give thanks
for all the dates it had been on with me
for the days it had kept me warm,
for the tears and the laughter it has shared, and
for so much more then
I could remember
or I could put into words.

As we release the old,
may we remember to honor
all it has seen us through
and give thanks for the ways
we have been served and blessed