An apple a day, they say, keeps the doctor away. That is fine and great, but what about the non medical struggles An acquaintance of mine used to say, a good heart keeps away the farts. Those people who smell up your life My gratitude journal keeps me humble. My inspiration journal keeps me open.Continue reading “AN APPLE A DAY”

BEGETTING×182.jpg” style= Goodness begets goodness. kindness begets kindness. Gratitude begets gratitude. Love begets love. What we put into the world spreads out and touches others. If I want to be surrounded by goodness, I have to radiate it. If I want to be surrounded by kindness, I have to practice it. if I want toContinue reading “BEGETTING”


It’s been a rough few weeks. It’s been filled with losses, accidents, illnesses, and other challenges. I have so many friends who are going through feeling weighed down with grief, fear, concerns, and the challenges of life. Together we are going through remembering that life makes no promises. There is no promise that life willContinue reading “NO PROMISES”