Happiness, like other feelings, is a moment. It is not a wave, it is not a length of time, it is not unending. It is like a wave. It comes, we experience it, and it is gone. Then it comes again. In that moment we celebrate the way we feel. We celebrate the happiness, theContinue reading “CELEBRATE THE MOMENT”


Smiling Have you ever watched someone smile, but it does not feel like joy, peace, or happiness. Sometimes you can watch them smile, but it feels sarcastic. Sometimes their smile reminds you of how politicians and diplomats smile at each other. Sometimes their smile makes you want to leave and avoid them . Then thereContinue reading “SMILING”


This week’s song of the week advocate for appreciating the bounty of goodness in your life and minimizing the negatives.   Positive vibe lyrics:   Sometimes there’s airplanes I can’t jump out Sometimes there’s bullsh*t that don’t work now We all got our stories but please tell me What there is to complain about? https://youtu.be/jZhQOvvV45w