How are you going through life? Like CommentShare Comments Write a comment… Sharon Lindholm is with Sharon Jacobson. 2 hrs ·  I’m so excited!! I’m testing a brand new Facebook party format with Pampered Chef! 🥳 No groups to be added to! No events to RSVP to! It’s as simple as this… for 1️⃣2️⃣ days I will be posting 1️⃣ product per day! MyContinue reading “THOUGHT FOR THE DAY”


No one knows me the way the Ultimate knows me. I would like to say I know myself well, but I don’t. The Ultimate creates opportunities for me to learn about me in ways I may not always like. I get to see that which I appreciate and that which needs improvement. I have friendsContinue reading “ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT”


It has been years since we had a television and the only thing I miss is my cooking shows. Go figure. I especially love it when you can see someone grow, take a risk, push themselves, or step forward with integrity.  One of the shows I enjoy watching on YouTube is Master Chef. While IContinue reading “HAVING INTEGRITY”


  Last week, I wrote about consistency and one of my readers commented back to me on LinkedIn that it was also about constancy. This week, I thought I would spend some time thinking about constancy, as it is important both in and out of the kitchen. Constancy has been defined by Merriam Webster asContinue reading “CONSTANCY”


I just have to say that sometimes I am much better at following the four agreements than others. It seems that most of the time I am impeccable with my word, I do not take things personally, I seek clarification and don’t make assumptions and work to always do my best. Then there are thoseContinue reading “IT’S SELF-REFLECTION TIME!”

Works in Progress

I was once told relationships are not for punks. It took me a while to get at the meaning behind that, but what I have learned over the years is that being in an intimate relationship requires courage, strength, and a willingness to make one’s self vulnerable. By intimate, I am not just talking aboutContinue reading “Works in Progress”

Acknowledge your feelings!

How are you? I’m fine. This seems to be one of the most common conversations we have with people and the sad truth is there is generally no honesty in this conversation Most of the times we do not genuinely want to know how others are or what they are feeling and most of usContinue reading “Acknowledge your feelings!”

Truth, Honesty, Integrity

I love, love, love our Living the Five Agreements group. I love all of our groups for different reasons, but this group, perhaps because we are all so comfortable with each other, is one that makes me wonder why I even have an end time on the group because we have NEVER ended on time.Continue reading “Truth, Honesty, Integrity”