December 10, 2019

Your attitude and how you live your life are important

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September 26, 2019

This week’s song of the week reminds me that all that is happening in this world is bigger than us


June 24, 2019

Hope is about trust.
Hope is about walking in faith
not always knowing
where, how or even why,
but knowing their trust
in the Ultimate
will guide them
and their journey.
Hope is what
the spiritual leaders before us had.
Whether it was
Doris Day,
or someone else,
they walked in hope,
of a journey
they could not forsee

Walk in faith.
That is what many
spiritual leaders did.
They walked in hope
knowing their faith would
guide them forward.
We hope that the same
is true
for us.
We live with a promise in our hearts
Like those before us,
we may not know
how, or why, but we know
from whom.


February 2, 2019

I sit and close my eyes
and yearn for the depth,
the closeness,
the longing to know you
and know you as completely
as you know me.

It was you who gave me the capacity to love,
to speak,
to determine,
to dream,
to hope,
to create, and
to survive.

You know me
just as I yearn
to know you
with the same depth
you know me
but I don’t.

I know I will again,
perhaps not until
I am with you again
but that day will come.

Until then, I allow you
to use me,
to mold me,
to help me
become a spiritual warrior,
constantly seeking
to know the me
you created me to be

So the yearning continues
and teaches me about myself
about you
and all the other me’s you
bring into my life
who teach me and deepen
my yearning for you .


November 28, 2018

Live in this moment. The future will be here before you know it.

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Song of the Week

December 31, 2015

This is a beautiful song that expresses gratitude to the people who have always been there for us whenever we need them. These people are the ones who made us who and what we are today; who taught us the amazing things in the world and made us bigger than we thought we could. It’s because of them that we can be where we are today. Without them, there can’t be us today.
Who are the people who have helped make you who you are today? Who have always been there when you’re down? Who opened your eyes to the world? Who guided you every step of the way? Who helped you to stay hopeful? Where are they now? Have you stopped to thank them for what they have done? Take a moment and let them know how you feel. You owe them as much. This is what this week’s song of the week is about 


December 31, 2015

As we leave this year, and enter a new one, may we do so with peace joy and love in our hearts.

It’s Sharing Time! Hope Songs



December 29, 2015

The stars are always there, we just do not always see them.



December 28, 2015

What do you need to let go of so you can move forward in your journey.