It is okay, I tell my students to say I do not know. There is nothing wrong with saying I do not know. Saying I do not know opens us up to learning, growing, and receiving knowledge from the Divine. There are always things at work, at home, at school and with our friends thatContinue reading “I DO NOT KNOW”


It’s not the old time religion which inspires me. It is the old time wisdom passed down from generations which does, like what my Bubby taught me about greatness. Greatness, she would say, is not about being great, but about being humble, ordinary, and ignorant. She would remind me that I was great simply becauseContinue reading “GREATNESS”


I used to think I had to know it all I had to have all the answers I had to be perfect Then I was introduced to fairy tales and the power of the magic word. So I would wait for the magic words to be revealed. Then I realized this was nonsense. I didn’tContinue reading “I DON’T KNOW”


I have always wondered why we spend so much time trying to understand and explain that which has already told us we cannot explain. Why is it that we are not okay with not being able to explain God. Why is it not okay to just say I do not know. The more I tryContinue reading “MY WAYS ARE NOT YOUR WAYS”


The universe has a sense of humor. I had been thinking about kindness and praying for inspiration about what to write about. I am pretty good at practicing kindness and look for opportunities each day to be kind to others. I so often have focused on how I feel when I am doing something forContinue reading “WHAT KINDNESS FELT LIKE”


As many of you know, the show Chopped on the Food Network never ceases to be a source of inspiration for this blog. Last night was no different, albeit for different reasons. The cheftestants were not those who work as restaurant chefs, private chefs, or even culinary instructors. They were those who worked in non-profitContinue reading “THE PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT”

I am Interesting!

Recently, a fellow blogger, Ariffa, nominated me for The Versatile Blogger award. It was not like it was one of those big deal awards. It was one of those ways of getting to know other bloggers and to allow other bloggers to get to know you. It was a simple process. You had to list fifteenContinue reading “I am Interesting!”

What Makes Us Beautiful?

A few weeks ago, I received an email from my friend Jane Patterson, who lives in Australia. I like to say that Jane is one of the most beautiful spirits I will probably never meet. Jane told me about a woman, Natalie McComas, who was doing a photographic series called Beautiful in this Skin. AccordingContinue reading “What Makes Us Beautiful?”