I am Interesting!

Recently, a fellow blogger,¬†Ariffa, nominated me for The Versatile Blogger award. It was not like it was one of those big deal awards. It was one of those ways of getting to know other bloggers and to allow other bloggers to get to know you. It was a simple process. You had to list fifteenContinue reading “I am Interesting!”

Getting in touch with my Sara

¬† When I was born, my Bubby (Yiddish for grandmother) gave me the name Sara Bella. When I was older, she explained to me that it meant pure beauty or radiance and that I was born to be a beautiful princess and leader of people. As a young girl, that always made me smile andContinue reading “Getting in touch with my Sara”

Truth, Honesty, Integrity

I love, love, love our Living the Five Agreements group. I love all of our groups for different reasons, but this group, perhaps because we are all so comfortable with each other, is one that makes me wonder why I even have an end time on the group because we have NEVER ended on time.Continue reading “Truth, Honesty, Integrity”