This seems to be the theme for this week, “If you can’t fix it, feature it1.” I wish I could say I created that phrase, but it was given to me by a colleague of mine Rev Glenna Tillery Shepherd, pastor at Decatur UCC in Decatur, GA. It is like that old saying, we have all heardContinue reading ““IF YOU CAN’T FIX IT, FEATURE IT!””


Dear Sharon, I know you strive to be loving in all you say and do. However, knowing you as well as I do, I also know that there are times that you have not done so and that you often times remember those moments. Today, I begin by forgiving myself for all the times IContinue reading “FORGIVING MYSELF”

The Simple Questions

Sometimes the simple questions provoke the deepest of thinking. I was at the funeral for Zoe’s Aunt Neeny this past week and had a chance to talk to one of her family members (well actually the husband of her cousin). We have had virtually no chance to talk at all the last 8 years, soContinue reading “The Simple Questions”

Making a Change

Last week, I ended by asking how we use our status in the world to create a more humane world. How do we, consciously or unconsciously, contribute to the inhumanity in the world? How do we try to avoid and deny responsibility for our place in creating a more humane world for all of humanity? Continue reading “Making a Change”