When I think of Empathy I tend to think of empathizing with another person’s sorrow, disappointment, and pain. I think of tasting the salt in someone else’s tears Empathy is about oneness between us. It means I can feel with you and be in oneness with you in good times and bad I can tasteContinue reading “EMPATHY”


https://www.vistaprint.com/designs/FNC-2766570/aqua-thinking-of-you-horizontal-folded-note-cards-5.5×4.aspx?pspid=236CMB2766570&type=pla&device=c&psloc=9005678&pstid=pla-332253081590&crtv=308594335364&psite=mkwid%7cv57yEmKD&pscid=1619543910&psagid=62941106058&psint=&psfid=&psnet=s&psaceid=&psmerch=11732&psppid=332253081590&pspcou=US&psplang=en&gclid=CjwKCAiA0O7fBRASEiwAYI9QAnIXU7ZxEm0t5wCLTBDS6UqVsEW4kr7702an37VcvTNtr5dYgXOWwxoCjHMQAvD_BwE&couponAutoload=1&GP=11%2f26%2f2018+16%3a48%3a02&GPS=5237520389&GNF=0 It was decades ago when she left three little pieces of paper on my treadmill that said I Love You They still are with me in my drawer. They are sacred, holy and a paper tabernacle holding the gift of love from the one who loves me unconditionally Her notes are not alone. TheyContinue reading “PAPER TABERNACLES”

Works in Progress

I was once told relationships are not for punks. It took me a while to get at the meaning behind that, but what I have learned over the years is that being in an intimate relationship requires courage, strength, and a willingness to make one’s self vulnerable. By intimate, I am not just talking aboutContinue reading “Works in Progress”