“I celebrate myself,” The poet Walt Whitman wrote. Are you celebrating yourself? What if you celebrated all of you, your achievements, your experiences, and your existence. How would you look at yourself if you were celebrating all of who you are? Would you be saying I am God’s beloved I know God is pleased withContinue reading “CELEBRATE YOURSELF”


Dear God, I know you never put more on us then we can bear, but this year has been filled with challenges. If I had to pick a word for that I have learned this year, it would be tenacity. I have learned to have the determination to rise about difficult circumstances. It does notContinue reading “BECOMING THE TREE”


  I am always amazed at how Spirit speaks to me. As I listened to an interview with Wallis Byrd, which Zoe was listening to, I found myself laughing. Once again, Spirit was giving me inspiration in a way only Spirit could do. I have so many things on my plate, many of which IContinue reading “YUP YUP YUP”


The universe has a sense of humor. I had been thinking about kindness and praying for inspiration about what to write about. I am pretty good at practicing kindness and look for opportunities each day to be kind to others. I so often have focused on how I feel when I am doing something forContinue reading “WHAT KINDNESS FELT LIKE”