October 4, 2019

Multiple people can do the same thing,
say the same thing,
seem to have the same attitude, or
act in the same way, yet
we treat them different
dependent on who they are.
Do we allow a behavior to trigger
the same emotion
regardless of who it is?

Am I as irritated by the
slow driver who is a stranger
as I am by the slow driver who
I know is my sibling?
Does my knowing you mean
I average things out over time
vs judging based on one experience.
Do we judge others
by the one thing we know they did
while judging others
by the average of our experiences?

We are all the masked singer for someone.
for someone,
we are the one who irritated them,
got on their last nerve,
drove too slow,
cut them off,
or engaged in whatever it was that
made you want to cuss them out
until we were unmasked
and you realized who it was.
Who are you the masked singer for?
What if it were you?



September 27, 2019

What are you giving more of

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July 8, 2019

Judge not,
lest ye be judged.
Yet we judge all the time.
We judge
things, and
everything else

We fail to see that
everyone and everything
has a purpose
and a place.
What if we sought
the goodness and value
in every person,
and thing?

May we seek
to see the presence
and blessings of the
Ultimate in all.
May we remember
to not judge others
and may we pray that others
not judge us.


January 7, 2019

I was five
and saw this woman
who I told my Bubby
was so ugly.
She is beautiful
in God’s eyes.
She is a creation
of the divine,
she said.

Beauty is not
in the eyes of
the beholder
Beauty is in
the wisdom of
the creator

You look like a whale
the little boy said.
Thank you, for seeing,
the grace in all of
God’s creations,
I replied

Beauty is not about
what we have been
told is beauty.
Beauty is about
the ability to
see the Divine
in all of creation.

Today may we
seek the beauty
in all
May we remember
we are all created
in the image of God.


December 7, 2018

Thank you Mr Mittens
For the lessons you teach me
and the role you play
in my spiritual journey.

You teach me to live in the moment.
You are ever present,
not time traveling to
the past or the future.
You remind me to be in this moment,
and live a simpler life.

You teach me to love myself just as I am
to be content with and love myself.
You never seem to worry how you look
or if your collar matches your fur
or if your belly has dropped.
You don’t even make a big deal,
if you do not like the can we opened.

You remind me not to judge.
It’s not that you are not discerning,
but it is about whether the objects
make you feel loved or fearful.
do you like the energy being emitted
or not.
You always love me just as I am.

You teach me to go with the flow,
to adapt to the situation.
You look at the blankets as they change
and go yup that will work.
As long as you feel safe, nourished,
and near Zoe or I,
you are at peace.

You remind us to love unconditionally.
You love us no matter what we put in the bowl
or the blanket on the bed.
you love us in good times and bad
for richer or poorer
in sickness and in health.
You have seen me in my best and my worst
and you love me unconditionally
You have these vows that
are unspoken but real

Thank you for being
a mentor and a teacher?
and one of my guides on my journey.

Be the Change

October 16, 2018

New Poem! Be the Change https://www.inspiritual.biz/inspiritual-reflections/2018/10/16/be-the-change


August 6, 2018

Your evaluation of others is linked to how you see yourself.

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April 6, 2015

Let it Be!

March 4, 2014



Yesterday was one of those days when I realized the importance of realizing that something is what it is, nothing more or nothing less. Sometimes we just need to let it be and not sit in judgment of it or a situation. I often talk about how so much of our suffering comes from others not meeting our expectations. Yesterday, I became aware that I had held on to an expectation for seven years that I did not even know I had. It was not until the expectation was not met that I realized I had been holding on to this expectation for years. The words I was given during my prayer last night was “let it be!”

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