P is for Pomegranates

February 26, 2014



I know I was supposed to write about a Q thing this week, but I had an epiphany the other day while taking a 15-minute break and found myself in a quandary over whether to pay attention to my new P inspiration, my Q inspiration or write about both my P and my Q. In sharing with my followers on FB that I was discerning what to do most said to follow my instinct and inspiration and give myself another P week. A few told me to write about both my P and my Q. One of my friends, had a sense of humor, and shared that it was nice to see me paying attention to my P and Q. (LOL – Thanks Milton). So after some prayer and meditation, I have decided to do my P thing.

I was taking a short break from my normal routine of reading, writing, grading, and editing and when I turned on the television, Food Networks new show The Kitchen was on and Katie Lee was showing an easy way to get the seeds out of a pomegranate

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