Piety used to make me think of those who were holier than thou. Then I learned that piety meant pious which meant kind Kindess is about showing grace, compassion, gentleness, love, and concern for other Kindness is about the body, mind, and soul. It is about our words and our actions being one Kindness isContinue reading “KINDNESS”

BEGETTING×182.jpg” style= Goodness begets goodness. kindness begets kindness. Gratitude begets gratitude. Love begets love. What we put into the world spreads out and touches others. If I want to be surrounded by goodness, I have to radiate it. If I want to be surrounded by kindness, I have to practice it. if I want toContinue reading “BEGETTING”


I was reminded of a video about a young boy and an older man who created a space to let each other in. That is what hospitality is about. its about taking people into our worlds. Its about letting them into our hearts, mind, souls and saying you are welcome. Its about breaking down barriers,Continue reading “HOSPITALITY”


You left the light on. The water is still dripping. Are you going to throw that away? How often do we forget to be mindful about our environment and our resources. I am one who gets distracted and forgets to shut the light off I leave the water running from time to time. I doContinue reading “BEING MINDFUL”


They glide They slide They look so graceful They always make each other Look good. They skate They jump They leap They make it look so effortless They always make each other Look good As a dancer in life I hold my wife We glide We slide We jump We leap We make it lookContinue reading “LIKE FRED ASTAIRE AND GINGER ROGERS”