July 23, 2019

If you want to know God,
then serve God.
I think that is what I read.
So how do you serve God?

What if we started by
seeing and serving the God
in others.
What if we begin by seeing
everyone we meet as God?

If I see the Divine in you,
then I see qualities in you
I could not see before.
I get to know you and in doing so
I see the Divine in you and get to know
new things about God

When we open our table
to the excluded,
we come to see how God shows up
and shows out
in the widest diversity of

Do you want to know God?
Take the time to know others,
build relationships,
and see how God works in them and
through them.
By knowing others,
you will come to a deeper understanding of God



June 24, 2019

Hope is about trust.
Hope is about walking in faith
not always knowing
where, how or even why,
but knowing their trust
in the Ultimate
will guide them
and their journey.
Hope is what
the spiritual leaders before us had.
Whether it was
Doris Day,
or someone else,
they walked in hope,
of a journey
they could not forsee

Walk in faith.
That is what many
spiritual leaders did.
They walked in hope
knowing their faith would
guide them forward.
We hope that the same
is true
for us.
We live with a promise in our hearts
Like those before us,
we may not know
how, or why, but we know
from whom.


January 21, 2019

Sometimes when I pray,
I wish I could forget
my personal agenda,
my list of what I think I need.

I wish I could lay
it all down
and focus on trusting
the one to whom I am

If I trust you
when I am praying
then I remember
you know what is best,
not me.

Today I release the conflict
I free myself of the confusion
between what I want and
what you want for me.

I thank you for knowing
what I need,
and knowing that I do not
always know best
even when I think I do.
So thank you for not always
listening me while I


October 16, 2018

Just do it!

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July 23, 2018

There are moments that
I know God is on my side.
I feel God’s presence
I hear the soft whispering in my ear
I smell those fragrances only I recognize as holy.
I see those signs that are just for me
I taste the freshness of creation in my foods
In all this I know something quite powerful
God is on my side.

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June 15, 2018

Apply what you learn and take action towards success

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Recently, I shared with someone that every step I take is in faith. They did not fully understand what I meant. Sometimes we hear people talk about walking in faith. For me, it is not just a spiritual faith walk, but also a physical faith walk. On October 15 2007, as I was opening my office door at the church I was pastoring at, I felt a pain shoot down my right leg, followed almost immediately by numbness and a sense of shock. I also found myself going why now God as within minutes, a special guest and his entourage arrived and I was bracing myself to figure out what was going on, how I was going to lead worship, and how I was going to manage to look like a calm, cool, collected leader in the midst of this storm that was suddenly and unexpectedly raging in my life. The words which kept floating through my spirit were peace, be still. Peace, be still. Through the grace of God and the support of my wife and good friends, my car and I got home safely. 

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August 5, 2014


I started this discussion in the cover letter for the August newsletter. Just about every religious tradition in the world, whether they call themselves a denomination or a movement, has something one is to believe if one is to be a part of that tradition. It may be a part of their principles, creeds, sacred writing, or even spoken about as a “what we believe” statement. Each is clear on what it is they believe. A belief is the acceptance that a statement or body of writing is true or that something exists. It does not necessarily mean that you know it is true or that something exists, rather that you are choosing to accept that it is true.

Beliefs are ideas.

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