You have had the power all the time, Belinda said to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, How many times in our lives have we waited for someone to tell us what we already know? Why are we still waiting for someone to ride into our lives and break the spell with some magic words.Continue reading “BREAKING THE SPELL”


It is okay, I tell my students to say I do not know. There is nothing wrong with saying I do not know. Saying I do not know opens us up to learning, growing, and receiving knowledge from the Divine. There are always things at work, at home, at school and with our friends thatContinue reading “I DO NOT KNOW”


I used to think I had to know it all I had to have all the answers I had to be perfect Then I was introduced to fairy tales and the power of the magic word. So I would wait for the magic words to be revealed. Then I realized this was nonsense. I didn’tContinue reading “I DON’T KNOW”