There is not a day that goes by that something in our lives does not die. Sometimes it is people, or our furbabies, a situation, a relationship, or a belief. We may like to believe that life and death are separate, but they are like partners in a a dance. Death touches our lives sometimesContinue reading “LEARNING FROM DEATH”


What is your life made up of? 2Jessica Moore and Nina Ploetz Like CommentShare Comments Write a comment…   Sharon Jacobson 21 hrs ·  Fill in the blank. My favorite Pampered Chef product is ________________ 6Stephanie Blair, Samantha Nava and 4 others 17 Comments Like CommentShare Comments View 7 more comments Leona Graeber Schrage The air fryer Delete orContinue reading “THOUGHT FOR THE DAY”


No one knows me the way the Ultimate knows me. I would like to say I know myself well, but I don’t. The Ultimate creates opportunities for me to learn about me in ways I may not always like. I get to see that which I appreciate and that which needs improvement. I have friendsContinue reading “ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT”


Zoe and I do not even an own a television anymore, so I get my cooking show addiction by watching shows and/or excerpts on YouTube. The other night I was watching a two part episode of Master Chef where Gordon Ramsey was teaching how to make a tarte tartin, which reminds me of Pampered Chef’sContinue reading “BE OPEN TO LEARN”