June 1, 2019

Usually when we talk about creating mealtime memories, it is about in the present to carry us forward. However, for me this last week I have been mindful of the memories I carry with me from friends and family members who have passed away. My mother, for example, was not the best of cooks, but she was an amazing baker and the smell of cinnamon reminds me of her rugelach and I can feel her presence with me whenever I make them. Sometimes I wake up and I can smell them baking in the oven even though there is nothing there.

Every year on her birthday, my friend Laura would ask me to make my lasagna and orange brownies. That is all she ever wanted for her birthday. I can not make either of those dishes without thinking about her and my heart is filled with memories of our time together and the love I still hold for her. I also remember the look on her face as she savored every bite and had this glow of glee when I told her I would pack up the leftovers for her to bring home. I know she savored those leftovers and waited in anticipation for her next birthday. It was the last meal I made for her before she died. I am so grateful for the joy it bought her during a dark time in her life.

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July 18, 2015



Sharing is Caring

March 21, 2014



So as you know I have a routine spiritual practice each day, but periodically, I feel led to draw a card from one of my decks for inspiration and meditation. This morning, I drew the Queen of Fire from the Osho Zen Tarot deck. This card came bearing the message that I have so much more to share with the world than I realize!

Sometimes it is easy for me to forget that my small, positive actions, words, and deeds have a huge impact on the “big picture.” I am not always conscious of the ways what I do and create has a radiating effect on the world. Yesterday, one of my students shared with me how they believe the legacy I am creating will continue to influencing the planet long after I have forgotten about it or no longer exist on this plane. This card reminded me that my contribution doesn’t need to be some big flashy deal to have a transformative impact.

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If you have been keeping up with my working my way through the alphabet, you know I just wrote my R blog last week (R is for Risotto). Today, however, was my mother’s birthday. She left this world in 2001 and is the one who in numerous ways fed my love of cooking and baking. So today, I just want to celebrate my mother and the gifts she gave me in our kitchen growing up on Kingsland St in Nutley, NJ

My mother inherited a legacy for baking from her mother. While cooking was not her forte, baking was. The two things I remember her baking the most were her rugelach, which I made a few weeks ago. 

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