This week’s Song of the Week reminds us that life is a give-and-take process in which you must give and receive, listen and talk. The song provides energetic encouragement to go out there and be your authentic, awesome self.   Life’s a dance, you learn as you go. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow. Don’tContinue reading “SONG OF THE WEEK”


Growing up I was taught An apple a day keeps the doctor away But staying healthy Requires more than A piece of fruit. I still eat an apple a day, but the following keeps me growing spiritually A good heart a day Keeps the enemy away Paying attention each day, Reduces the stress in dailyContinue reading “SPIRITUAL APPLES”


I am so grateful to have my position as a teacher. At the start of each semester I am reminded what a blessing and privilege it is to be in this position. I have heard way too many professors at my school talk about what they have to teach their students. I talk with myContinue reading “NOT A MATHEMATICAL FORMULA”


I seriously want to thank you for your sense of humor and for listening to my prayers. If I ever needed to know that you were present, you let me know today. This morning I was thinking carefully about what I wanted my intention to be as this is grading frenzy weekend for midterms.  However,Continue reading “YOUR PRESENCE”