There is something about listening really listening, which opens our creative energy and allows us to express ourselves in ways which are surprising, refreshing, and unique. Listening is more than just hearing. It is about really listening to each other. It is about paying attention in a way that is quiet and fascinated. It isContinue reading “CREATIVE LISTENING”


The one who is not busy, is about the time spent doing nothing but being with the Ultimate. The one who is not busy reminds me it is ok to designate time to just be and commune with the Divine. Becoming the one who is not busy is about being intentional about taking time whichContinue reading “THE ONE WHO IS NOT BUSY”


Honestly, sometimes it is so easy to see the meaning in what is happening, but sometimes life seems so busy it is hard to hear you speaking. So right now I am working on slowing down and being intentional about having the time to listen. What I have learned is that taking the time toContinue reading “LISTENING LESSONS”