Sometimes we hit a spiritual bump in our life. That thing that jars us and makes us think. The moment that we come off of autocruise and call on our spiritual practices to do more then get through it, but to understand the meaning to the spiritual bump. This morning I woke up in tears,Continue reading “SPIRITUAL BUMPS”


When I was a little girl I worried about being liked. I cared what people thought, but not as much as I did as I grew older. I went through a phase where I cared about first impressions, others evaluations. what they thought, what they said, and what they believed about me. I thought othersContinue reading “THE NEW STORY”


https://www.vistaprint.com/designs/FNC-2766570/aqua-thinking-of-you-horizontal-folded-note-cards-5.5×4.aspx?pspid=236CMB2766570&type=pla&device=c&psloc=9005678&pstid=pla-332253081590&crtv=308594335364&psite=mkwid%7cv57yEmKD&pscid=1619543910&psagid=62941106058&psint=&psfid=&psnet=s&psaceid=&psmerch=11732&psppid=332253081590&pspcou=US&psplang=en&gclid=CjwKCAiA0O7fBRASEiwAYI9QAnIXU7ZxEm0t5wCLTBDS6UqVsEW4kr7702an37VcvTNtr5dYgXOWwxoCjHMQAvD_BwE&couponAutoload=1&GP=11%2f26%2f2018+16%3a48%3a02&GPS=5237520389&GNF=0 It was decades ago when she left three little pieces of paper on my treadmill that said I Love You They still are with me in my drawer. They are sacred, holy and a paper tabernacle holding the gift of love from the one who loves me unconditionally Her notes are not alone. TheyContinue reading “PAPER TABERNACLES”