Black magic is not just about the spells others may place on us or say they have. It is about the negative energy and spells we cast on ourselves. Black magic is about the toxic negativity, the words and thoughts of self doubt, self-deprecation, and anything that is self-harming. We are the most powerful practicersContinue reading “MAGIC”


When I think about traveling, I think about planes, trains, and automobiles. I think about leaving and arriving. I think about new people, places and things. I do not think about staying still. Life, however, is an ever-changing landscape. Nothing in our lives is exactly the same. It is, as Alice Walker would say, neverContinue reading “EVER-CHANGING LANDSCAPE”


We have so many laws, so many regulations, to control the pollution of our air, but what about our minds, our hearts, and our souls? What do we do in our lives to control the polluted thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes which are toxic? May we make this world a better place by being aContinue reading “SACRED OBSERVER”


It’s a new year. A time where we resolve to make changes and undergo a transformation It is about going from empty to full, like when you fill a gas tank. It is about transforming a situation through actions that minister to your soul It is about seeing situations and people through a new perspectiveContinue reading “TRANSFORMATION”


Build a wall To make American great again Greatness comes with bridges Not walls It comes with unity Not division Loves sees one Hate and fear see many When separation disappears God’s presence is visible Oneness or separation Love or fear Goodness or hate You choose to Unify or divide By the way your mindContinue reading “VISION”