H is for Hot Dogs

  I had thought about writing about this a few weeks ago when I was reflecting on the letter F. however, since few people call hot dogs frankfurters, I chose to wait until I was working on H. I don’t know about you, but hot dogs have always been one of my favorite comfort foods.Continue reading “H is for Hot Dogs”

So you’re a loxsmith?

We were packing up our table at a healing and psychic fair when a couple, Jane and Charles, stopped by. I pulled out information to share with them and that was the beginning of an enjoyable and interesting conversation, which wound up with us talking about bagels, lox, and cream cheese. As those of youContinue reading “So you’re a loxsmith?”

Spiritual Grilling Lessons

A friend of mine laughs at me and says I can find spiritual lessons in just about everything. So when I offered to help a friend learn how to grill, it also got me thinking about the qualities that are important when making food on the grill. One of the things I began thinking aboutContinue reading “Spiritual Grilling Lessons”