The one who is not busy, is about the time spent doing nothing but being with the Ultimate. The one who is not busy reminds me it is ok to designate time to just be and commune with the Divine. Becoming the one who is not busy is about being intentional about taking time whichContinue reading “THE ONE WHO IS NOT BUSY”


I started dreaming about writing poetry again. Then the critiques began about my rhythm topics, and marketability. Those messages are not of God. God’s inspiration Gave me eyes that could hear, and ears that can see. I learned to stay open. I learned to watch life I began listening to my heart and soul andContinue reading “I AM A POET”

NO UMBRELLA When we know what is coming, we know what to do. If it’s going to rain, we grab an umbrella If it’s going to snow, we put on our boots We know what is coming and so we prepare ourselves for what is to come However, there are times when we are not prepared.Continue reading “NO UMBRELLA”