Hope is not a person. Hope is what keeps me positive, focused, and patient. Hope is what reminds me there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So today I choose to live with hope. I know when hope has left, because I become irritable, impatient, and agitated. I live with fear, frustration,Continue reading “LIVING WITH HOPE”


Multiple people can do the same thing, say the same thing, seem to have the same attitude, or act in the same way, yet we treat them different dependent on who they are. Do we allow a behavior to trigger the same emotion regardless of who it is? Am I as irritated by the slowContinue reading “IF IT WERE YOU”

TRUST IN __________

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin captures an important aspect of faith in these lines from a prayer. Breathing in: Trust in . . . Breathing out: the slow work of God. How many of us remember to trust in the slow work of God?  Last year, one of my students said to me, “It sure wouldContinue reading “TRUST IN __________”

P is for Patience

  My inspiration for patience actually came from thinking about how some foods require patience in making them. My wife, who does not cook, discovered once that it takes patience to make something as simple as a quesadilla. Until she had to make one for herself, she did not realize how I patiently waited for eachContinue reading “P is for Patience”

Time, Discovery, and Patience

Have you ever had the privilege of watching something transform before your eyes. Perhaps you did not see this transformation immediately, but slowly and over time. This morning, I was reading a selection from Mark Neepo’s book The Book of Awakening. In his reflection for today, he wrote: I recently learned that the first formContinue reading “Time, Discovery, and Patience”