One of the quotes I come back to repeatedly in my own journey are the words of Iyanla Vanzant who taught me to give thanks for those who get on my last nerve. Each of them in their own way is helping me to learn something about myself. So often, when we find someoneContinue reading “LIFE LESSONS”


So today, I just want to thank my Bubby for teaching me how to seek out the gratitude in all situations. This message has been hitting home for me repeatedly this week. Each day, as you know, I start off the day with five things I am grateful for that day and then before goingContinue reading “JUST SAY THANK YOU!”

It’s Legendary

  Last night, my Reiki teacher brought some of her left overs to share with us after my attunement. So I brought out our leftovers as well. This included collard greens Chilean butternut squash, cauliflower with cheese sauce, cabbage casserole, macaroni and cheese, and salad. As things made it to the table, Maryanna expressed howContinue reading “It’s Legendary”